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East Cumbria Family Support Association

Tel: 01768 593102 / 01228 227348

Email: info@eastcumbriafamilysupport.org.uk

Charity Registration No: 1085861    Registered in England No: 4151545

 East Cumbria Family Support Association                                       Tel: 01768 593102 / 01228 227348

 Penrith Office: The Office, Mardale Road, Penrith, CA11 9EH                           Email: info@eastcumbriafamilysupport.org.uk

 Carlisle Office: Carlisle West Children`s Centre, Wigton Road, Carlisle, CA2 6JP

Charity Registration No: 1085861    Registered in England No: 4151545                                                                                                                      

Listening to our Stakeholders is vital in so many ways for our organisation. It helps us with planning and service delivery and more crucially, to understand the needs of our “Service Users” and identify where the demands for our services are.

Our Annual Stakeholder Survey has been crucial in shaping our service delivery across the region and has also help with our fundraising. Below are a few quotes from our most recent survey:

 “Where I live is a rural village and I know that the support workers have quite a journey to get here but they reliably do get to us on their specified date and time. We are isolated at times and it makes life financially tricky, which ECFSA helped me get to grips with various tools of managing better.”

“Things have absolutely improved as a result of having somebody to work through the process of anger, grief, etc with and to be able to talk it through.  It didn’t matter if I was in a bad place, the support was and is constant. Knowing this helps.”

“Relationships are built up very positively with families and some of the support given is so practical- often doing what other agencies just could not do. This in itself can ease a difficult family situation dramatically”

“ I think it’s the friendly attitude the support workers have towards me that makes them different, even when I’m stressed or angry I don’t  feel I’ve ever been judged I only feel supported 100% and guided in the correct way which I don’t feel some other organisations do.”

“I have found the organisation so supportive to our school, families and children within our school. They help in so many different ways . The provide an extra vigilance with regard to safeguarding and the protection of vulnerable children. They also offer and extended service which is an extension to school. Extending their services to support families in the home. They are just fantastic . In the current climate schools have very little access to support and ECFSA are just so essential to ensure that families feel supported. Very often access to ECFSA means difficulties are resolved due to the pro active involvement of organisations such as ECFSA, a delayed response could mean difficulties could escalate and mean the involvement of social services. Another positive with regard to being involved in organisations such as ECFSA is that when families are not very cooperative e.g. one on step down to early help from CIN then often differing professional collaboration can collectively regarding strategies to help and assist. Very often it can lead to a positive re-engagement. I know from experience how families have benefitted and they have built such positive relationships. Usually parents are just so much more reflective when they have had ECFSA involvement and the children are the main benefactors. Thank you ECFSA!!!” From  a local school.

Stakeholder Survey

  Facts and Figures…

From March 2016 to April 2017, we supported over 396 families and delivered 4323 hours of support.  An interesting little titbit!:  in order to deliver these hours of support; we spent over 5000 hours travel time, which is indicative of the amount of support work that we do in rural areas.