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East Cumbria Family Support Association

Tel: 01768 593102 / 01228 227348

Email: info@eastcumbriafamilysupport.org.uk

Charity Registration No: 1085861    Registered in England No: 4151545

 East Cumbria Family Support Association                                       Tel: 01768 593102 / 01228 227348

 Penrith Office: The Office, Mardale Road, Penrith, CA11 9EH                           Email: info@eastcumbriafamilysupport.org.uk

 Carlisle Office: Carlisle West Children`s Centre, Wigton Road, Carlisle, CA2 6JP

 Charity Registration No: 1085861    Registered in England No: 4151545                                                                                                                      

Jane Taylor - ECFSA Trustee
I have spent my working life with young people, formerly teaching French at the Universities of Manchester, Oxford and Durham and as Principal of Collingwood College where I was responsible for 1200 students. Whilst in Durham,  I was Chair of Governors at Easington Academy, a college in a very much deprived former colliery town. I am currently Vice-Chair of Governors at Ullswater Community College, and Chair of Trustees for the Vinaver Trust.

Karen Morland - ECFSA Chairperson

I have been a Trustee for East Cumbria Family Support Association since  November 2010 and currently hold the role of Chairperson.  I am a great believer in early help to prevent crises in all areas of life but particularly for families, as crises can and, do, have a devastating, lasting impact on their lives . 

My work background has included being a partner of a retail business along with administrative and managerial roles for local businesses. The transferable skills gained throughout my career  have continued to provide me with budgetary, decision making and human resources knowledge, all skills required as a Trustee of the Association. 

Marija Young - ECFSA Trustee, Volunteer Representative

I came to live in Cumbria from Lancashire in 1990. Within a couple of years I found myself at home with my third baby and feeling quite isolated. I read in the paper about an idea to start a family support venture, the idea was a preventative pathway for families who were in difficulties, from progressing into a full blown crisis. I thought it was a great concept and still do now. I have been volunteering for ECFSA for over 23 years, supporting families in their own homes. I have been a trustee of the organisation for many years and am the volunteer representative.

Nick Mark - ECFSA Trustee

I am a minister serving the United Reformed Church in Cumbria living in Carlisle and looking after 4 churches at Bewcastle, Brampton, Carlisle and Penrith as well as being Ecumenical Officer for my denomination in Cumbria. I became a Minister in 2002 and served in Felixstowe and Chesterfield before coming to Cumbria.  I am a volunteer Police Chaplain and Chairman of the Carlisle Christian Aid Group. As a Trustee for ECFSA my hopes and expectations are simply to be able to serve for an organisation which really helps  families in the communities I serve, with the challenges of our complex world.

Allan Bluckley - ECFSA Trustee

I am a Trustee of East Cumbria Family Support because I share its values as a community based voluntary organisation, which works successfully with public and voluntary sector partners, to support vulnerable children and their families.

My working experience was in local authority children’s and adult social care services.  I was Deputy Director of Social Services in Rochdale, and then Cumbria. Following retirement, I served as a Non Executive Director of Eden Valley Primary Care Trust, and NHS Cumbria, and Chair of Cumbria Local Safeguarding Children’s Board.

Dot Metcalf - ECFSA Vice Chair

I am recently retired from a long and varied career as a practitioner and then manager in Social Services. This included experience of the voluntary sector as well as working for various local authorities.  I have strong belief in the importance of providing support through to families in difficulty and volunteering as a trustee at ECFSA enables me to continue to fulfill a long term commitment to children's welfare.